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From Russia With Link

Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on February 19, 2008

The Bon Iver record is coming out soon and The AV Club likes.

Pink is getting divorced already…

PopSugar UK is polling the Brits on its own. Best Live Act?

Check out the breakdancing baby Beckham.

Pitchfork is ga-ga over the Atlas Sound record.

The top story of the day, Fidel is on his way out. Finally.

Eminem is to publish his memoirs. Didn’t he already film them? Is this not somewhat akin to the High School Musical books?

Cat Power will tour the UK in the summer.

Here’s a list of twenty-two badass gangsters from the silver screen.

John Harris thinks collectable records are a waste of money.

Slate comments on the Michael Clayton DVDs critique of the legal profession and reveals Hillary’s secret plan to win Wisconsin.

The new Goldfrapp record is available to stream.

Anthony Lane critiques Jumper and Be Kind Rewind.

Want to know what the smartest TV shows of all time are? Well just click here.

Ramones condoms… there are a lot of ways to emphasis the wrong bit of ‘Hey Ho, Let’s Go’.


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