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The Brits: A Defence

Posted in Awards, Column, Sam by Sam Unsted on February 20, 2008

Debating the relative authenticity of the Brit Awards, specifically regarding its place as a ‘true’ depiction of the state of the UK music industry, is pointless. It happens every year, critics of high standing and poise pore over the details with relentless enthusiasm for negativity. We already know. No-one watches the Brits thinking it’s a great show, thinking it’s our representation to the rest of the world. But, it is.

We hate to think it, but this is actually the state of the British music industry. Try as they might, rubbishing it’s status just doesn’t work anymore. For all the awfulness, for the lack of ‘authentic’ (meaning not popular) music on show, this is what the British music industry is about.

You have all the key chart campaigners present. The Arctic Monkeys and Take That took awards and well, they are the biggest bands we have right now. Both see their tickets fly out the booths in seconds and sell a boatload of records. Duffy, Adele, Kate Nash, Leona Lewis, the Winehouse. This is the cream of popular British women and it could be a lot worse. Okay, Adele and Nash are iredeemably crap and deserve nothing of your respect. But Duffy can sing, so can Lewis, and Winehouse, for all her raggedly addledness, is among the most breathtaking voices currently working. Compare this to much of what’s out there, it’s actually not bad. We don’t have to put up with Tim McGraw or Carrie Underwood, with anyone without at least some talent really (barring Mika). We only have one reality show contestant, Leona, and she’s the best produced since Clarkson of the Kelly.

Now, the actual awards are obviously crap. No one really cares about those anymore. No, instead it’s become a two-hour bout of car-crash TV. You can’t tear your eyes away from this wreckage. The Osbourne’s bungle through, the parents far worse than the kids, and acts come up, increasingly pissed as the night goes on, and give rambling and foolish speeches. This year, we even got Sharon Osbourne trumping Vic Reeves by taking over his reading of the Best British Album award. It’s embarassing sure, but it’s British. We use an event the Americans would treat with the greatest sense of decorum (witness the bloated, self-important Grammys), and we inject it will a year’s worth of booze and a lack of respect. The result, an awards show that’s cringingly brilliant. The fact that no-one cares means no ridiculous speeches replete with tears and thanking of Jesus. Instead, the speeches are quick and to the point, only really pausing to thank a few extra folk without ever saying they were ‘generous collaborators’ or some other saccharine bullshit.

So the Brits are crap. Yep. It’s also the best awards show around. A boozy anti-love-in showcasing some of the finest popular talent on the planet. Except McCartney. Sorry about that.


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  1. Janice aka Miss Mad News said, on February 21, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    LOL!!!! Nice post. On point!

  2. Download Duffy the best songs said, on April 9, 2009 at 11:38 pm

    Rockferry – Duffy…

    The disc art and video for the title track were shot on and around the Ffestiniog railway station in Porthmadog, which was named ‘Rockferry’ after for the occasion….

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