Electricity & Lust


Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on February 22, 2008

PopSugar UK has the trailer for the Sex and the City movie.

Scott Tobias starts up a new feature on new cult movies for The AV Club.

The Guardian joins the rest of us in praise of the new album from Goldfrapp.

John McCain really is kicking off with The New York Times.

Pitchfork has Black Mountain on Conan.

In very serious news, two deeply evil men have been sent to jail. Here and here.

IGN has trailers for the new GTA.

PopMatters re-expresses its distaste at The Two Jakes, the follow-up to the unimpeachable Chinatown.

Lots of Oscar talk on Slate. Who’s going to win? What about Michael Clayton? A guide on how to score a moody western.

David Denby talks through his views on the Coen Brothers for The New Yorker.

There are worries over the campaign spending of Hillary.

The Boston Globe is loving Be Kind Rewind.

David Simon talks to Newsweek.

Roger Deakins, genuis cinematographer behind the Assassination of Jesse James and No Country for Old Men, is interviewed right here.


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