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A Sweet Little Mystery? Hardly

Posted in Actors & Actresses, Column, Sam by Sam Unsted on February 23, 2008

The furore over the Lohan photos, depicting our least appealing super-starlet in little if anything for the cover of New York Magazine, has been startling. The photos themselves, made to commemorate/honour/something the final shoot ever taken of Marilyn Monroe, are some of the best of her career. Yes, they are exploitative and perhaps carry with them a few sharp needles of life imitation and metaphorical significance. Certainly the symbolism of Monroe on a contemporary basis, noting specifically her method of suicide in relation to the accidental death of Heath Ledger, is controversial or even tasteless. But give her some due to make up for the little she has earned, Lohan looks great in the photos.

My problem with the furore is not really to do with any sense of tastelessness or the titillative aspects of photos like these. It could certainly be argued that their popularity or notoriety speaks more to the sense of voyeurism which pervades any shoot like this, when a young actress within mainstream film allows her primarily male admirers to see a little extra skin. But is that what Lohan is doing? More to my point, is that really what her male fans are seeing?

Lohan is hardly a mysterious and enigmatic character. Her personal and professional life has been dissected and poured over. She’s been headline news for the past few years for her constant indiscretions, in really no way contributed to by her acting ability. This is a young lady whose only filmic claim to fame is the admittedly excellent Mean Girls, a film which relies on her in no way at all. So her notoriety, her fame, really derives from her startling lack of cordiality in receptions. Her falling out of parties hanging out all over the shop. Surely, seeing Lindsay Lohan nude is something the vast majority of the world has already seen. Why is there such a fascination now that someone has taken a nicely doctored photo of her ta-tas?

I’m no prude and as I said, the photos are fine. But why are we so shocked still by such a pointless exercise in publicity to yet again keep Lohan in the public eye and blindside us from her lack of success in her chosen fields of film and music. Come on folks, let stop the rut. Let’s lose the Lohan and get the attention on the deserving.


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