Electricity & Lust


Posted in diggin, Sam by Sam Unsted on February 23, 2008

Music: Well, I’ve not got my iPod back although upgrading is in the works when money stops being a barrier, so music has been back in this week. I’m actually really loving Jukebox by Cat Power after being a little unsure on the first couple of goes round. ‘Silver Stallion’ is magnifique. I’m really enjoying ‘Falling Slowly’ from Once in the run up to the Oscars and supremely hope it can take the gong. Lil Wayne is great, Atlas Sound too, and new Mountain Goats songs are living up to previous form. John Darnielle must be closing in on finally receiving the acclaim he deserves.

Film: I watched Margot at the Wedding this week and, to be honest, didn’t really enjoy it too much. It had moments of barbed cynicism to enjoy, but mostly everyone was too unlikable to identify or empathise with and you were left with no one to cling to.

TV: Battlestar remains great and heating up towards the climax of its second season. We’ve been re-living Indecision 2004 from The Daily Show with its dream team; Stewart, Corddry, Bee, Carell, Helms and Colbert. Also America’s Next Top Model, the greatest reality TV show of all time, is back! Partnering it on our UK watching night is My Dad is Better than your Dad, the most ridiculous prime-time thing I’ve seen for a good long time. American children are unstoppably either horrific or lovely. No middle-ground.

Books/Comics: I finished The Looming Tower this week which was all kinds of fascinating in recollecting the formation of Al Qaeda and the lead-up to 9/11. I’ve also recently received the ninth volume of Powers which was a nightmare to get hold of in this country. Bendis is a fine comic-book dialoguist but Powers’ strenght is in the storytelling. I’ve also been loving Achewood even more as I become accustomed to the characters.

Other stuff: It’s been a podcast week and my favourites right now are The Economist’s socio-political discussion, Slate’s election coverage, New Yorker fiction and Pop Candy comic book writer interviews. The other thing is cookies from Waitrose, their choc-chip biccys are just astonishingly lovely, melt-in-your-mouth kind of lovely.


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