Electricity & Lust


Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on February 24, 2008

The Guardian/Observer again delivers a whole host of bits. There’s a great interview with the team behind Gavin & Stacey, Rachel Cooke gives her views on the Oscar nominees and has the Obama backlash begun?

PopSugar UK covers the Independent Spirits Awards.

What about Chelsea? Politico discusses the new generation of Clinton.

The Morning News has a list of the top ten albums from 1987.

Tayari Jones investigates her place as a writer during Black History Month for The Believer.

The Skinny has a great article about Junot Diaz from earlier in the month.

I am pretty sure this isn’t Zac Efron folks.

I’m going to replace a word here with another nicer word. Ralph fudging Nader is going to fudging run for President. A-fudging-gain. Shank.

Obama has attacked McCain aides for their lobbying tactics.

An email smear on Obama suggests his winning could bolster the attitude of some notable terrorists.

New drugs and vaccines may change the way we view drug addiction. Newsweek reports.

This Is England’s Stephen Graham will be in the new Michael Mann film.

Three Imaginary Girls comments on the Black Crowes/Maxim reviewing scandal.


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