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Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on February 28, 2008

Air is releasing a ten-year anniversary edition of Moon Safari.

The Shins, Rilo Kiley and a host of others are designing T-shirts for charity.

Jamie Lidell has announced a world tour.

The AV Club pays tribute to Morvern Callar.

How much has Iraq truly cost?

Barack is using the insults to gain further in his lead.

Slate has a feature of Jeff Mangum, ‘The Salinger of Indie Rock’. It also has the application form for American Gladiators.

Diablo Cody is going to tell another part of her story.

Coldplay new record is allegedly going to be ‘more experimental’. Which wouldn’t really be tough would it?

Sasha Frere Jones wasn’t too happy about Once winning an Oscar.

Deschanel and Dano are to be in Gigantic.

Here’s a list of the most mysoginistic films ever.

Goldfrapp contribute a guest list to Pitchfork.

A Heroes soundtrack with Wilco and Dylan is coming. Hopefully no dialogue snippets.

Bill Maher discusses Nader running on The Huffington Post.

Prince Harry is fighting the Taliban. Yeah, he’ll be chuffed that one’s leaked.

A top debater deconstructs Obama versus Hillary in Cleveland.

Crazy Mahmoud said today that Iran is number one.

The Dodos do a session for Daytrotter.

Bush has endorsed the Democratic candidates… by criticising them.

Check out the new Get Smart trailer.


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