Electricity & Lust


Posted in diggin, Sam by Sam Unsted on March 8, 2008

Music: It’s been a long and arduous task getting through the 700+ songs included in the SXSW torrent but I’m getting there. AA Bondy is a favourite at the moment and I also enjoyed Pigeon John. Alongside these, I’m really enjoying a retreat to 2004 with the Futureheads’ great debut album and the new tracks released by The Breeders and the entire new albums by Drive-By Truckers, Mountain Goats and the umimpeachable Nick Cave.

Film: Busy on this front, trying mainly to catch up on notable films I missed last year. I really enjoyed Into The Wild despite any rose-tintedness on show by Sean Penn. I liked In the Valley of Elah much more than I did the pompous and weak Crash. I also utterly adored A Mighty Heart in which Angelina Jolie gives a shockingly brilliant performance. The moment when she breaks down after she finds out her husband’s fate cuts through any emotional defence you could ever put up.

TV: The Wire. Oh, The Wire. The greatest show ever to grace television comes to an end this week and all of you who haven’t watched yet, shame on you. Shame. On. You. I also took in the first ever episode of Deadwood again and was reminded of its brilliance. Lost is still great and the Desmond episode ruled. Mostly it’s been America’s Next Top Model though since cycle 10 started. If The Wire is the greatest show of all time, ANTM is the greatest reality show.

Books/Comics: I liked Then We Came to an End by Joshua Ferris but found is somewhat disappointing. I’ve just started Michael Chabon’s Yiddish Policeman’s Union and I’m absolutely loving it so far. I’ve not really taken in too many comics except for Achewood which as always, I adore.

Other: Today we fried portobello mushrooms in a garlic butter sauce topped with pepper, salt and chilli garnished cheese. This was accompanied by peppadew peppers stuffed with feta cheese. Divine!


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