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Calling Dr Link

Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on March 9, 2008

Kiss puns are great. I’ve said it. They are great.

Robbie’s going all UFO on us. He is still a pop star, yes? (Thank you to PopSugar UK)

Fifty most influential blogs. I’m not there. That’s fair.

The Guardian also has a great profile of Samantha Morton and on the dearth of interest in bleak Iraq filmmaking.

Obama has scored a proxy victory over McCain with the congressional seat win for Bill Foster.

Alec Baldwin discusses Hillary and her experience on The Huffington Post.

Stephen A Crockett Jr is an addict. Of The Wire. Read his story.

Everyone loves The THAT. Check the stats.

Another link to the fantastic Michael Chabon essay on superheroes for The New Yorker.

Bush has sealed his legacy with the veto of a bill which again protects executive power.

Amy Adams is doing a different type of reputation cementing with her performance in Miss Pettigrew.

Sopranos debate.

EWWWW!!!!! Paula Abdul is going to make a comeback album.

Rolling Stone has endorsed Barack Obama.

The Pakistani government rivals Musharraf and Zardari have formed a coalition pact.

Buffy lesbian action. Except Buffy. Not Willow. Buffy. Yep.

Here’s the fifty best paid folk of last year.

Here’s Norman Mailer having a scrap with Rip Torn.

Time talks to Dee Dee Myers, the first female press secretary.

Mother Jones interviews a renditionee.

Phosphorescent does a great set for Daytrotter.


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