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Hillary vs Barack: A Quick Word

Posted in Column, Politics, Sam by Sam Unsted on March 9, 2008

It’s been a thrilling Democratic contest so far and now its about to enter its most brutal period in the six-week lead up to the Pennsylvania primary. The arguments for either candidate are coming thick and fast but today I want to put in my two pennies on the issue.

It’s no secret on E&L that I’m an Obama man. I’m English so I can’t have any impact over the voting at all but with the relationship between the US and UK as close as it is, this is globally a more important election for the UK and its foreign policy. More than that though, it has been a belting race. Both candidates have held strong and despite some dirty politics from Hillary and a few moments of indecision in the Obama backroom, it’s been well fought.

The problem plaguing the race and the Democratic party is that they are not simply looking at voting on an issue. They aren’t voting for a policy difference or but for a radical shift in party politics. Clinton has been quick and long-winded in reiterating her ‘experience’. TruthDig’s Robert Shear expressed his disbelief at this ‘experience’ on a recent KCRW Left, Right and Center podcast and the other participants suggested perhaps this tactic was playing into hands. You’d have to feel it is.

Hillary Clinton is representing herself as the established veteran of Washington but that surely what voters no longer want. Little Bush surrounded himself with experience and age and failed so miserably as to have fuelled The Daily Show for seven years. His legacy is not one of change and inspiration and that’s what Obama brings. Clinton may have the experience but Obama inspires people into believing in him. He does need to become clearer on his policymaking but right now he’s brining something new to the table. His experience may be lacking but experience is only a small part of what America and Americans need. They need hope and something to believe in while all else crumbles. They sit amid a falling economy and paralleled to a quagmire conflict in a country they may never leave. American people need to be inspired and be excited about their country again and only something new will achieve this. The experience can come from around him. His willingness to cooperate with Republicans can only aid his cause against McCain in a full election. He would win votes from the Republicans. Hillary couldn’t do it. She’s too focused on beating Barack right now and isn’t watching ahead. Republicans hate Hillary but they could learn to love Obama.

Change is needed in America and she won’t bring what’s needed to the table. So while my influence is small, I urge all and sunder to vote for Barack because Hillary can’t deliver what’s truly needed; Hope.


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  1. Jesse said, on March 9, 2008 at 10:28 pm

    you know the problem with that though?…
    if barack gets all these people excited…then he doesn’t deliver….that hope will turn into something worse than we have now….which is a chance to make change….

  2. samunsted said, on March 10, 2008 at 5:17 pm

    Very true my friend. It’s something of a leap of faith to take but for me, something radically different is need and he’s the only one who could deliver it. If he doesn’t though and he does disappoint, I’d wager it couldn’t really be any worse than the Bush era…

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