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Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on March 10, 2008

Francis Ford Copolla puns!!

The AV Club’s Noel Murray takes everyone through his record collection.

The above also has an interview with David Simon.

Beyonce as Etta James. Can’t work.

Here’s an interview with someone whose job is to knock others over.

Jenna Fischer is interviewed… in Playboy.

Danger Mouse and Beck, together at last.

Is the Cloon-dog gettin’ hitched?

Sigh… The Wire is over. Slate dissects the finale.

Pitchfork reviews the Deschanel and Ward record.

The trailer for the De Niro/Pacino double header Righteous Kill is up.

Eliot Spitzer… oh, dear.

Will he resign?

Jamie Lee Curtis discusses the human condition on The Huffington Post.

Obama not too happy with the VP offer from Hillary.

Anthony Lane discusses the remake of Funny Games.


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