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The Converlinken

Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on March 11, 2008

Someone is letting Brett Ratner direct another film…

Omar! Oh, Omar! I miss Omar… Michael K Williams talks to The AV Club.

Chuck Klosterman is preparing his debut novel.

Could Spitzer stay? Given his policies, surely he needs to walk.

Nora Ephron discusses the Spitzer situation.

Slate asks two pertinent questions: Why is prostitution illegal? And Will the Spitzer scandal hurt Hillary?

Whiffenpoofed… Sasha Frere-Jones will somewhat explain.

Sandler is joining the Apatow/Rogen family.

Who will win the CFDA Award?

Here’s The Stooges covering Madonna. Yeeeahh!

One in four girls in the US have an STD. Hmmm… Eastleigh is way higher.

Radiohead are playing a free gig.

REM are previewing their new record through Facebook. So thorougly modern are those millies.

There’s a whole host of NY Times op-eds on prostitution law now. Here’s one.

Is there a point to all the male nudity? There’s a gag in that.


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