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No Link Advice

Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on March 19, 2008


Trey Parker and Matt Stone talks to The AV Club.

Interview magazine has a tribute collection to Heath Ledger.

Why do white people like Stuff White People Like?

Ewwww… Screech is back…

Here’s the video for ‘Machine Gun’ by Portishead.

Pitchfork has details on the new Roots record.

A Beatles version of Guitar Hero… please. When is the Whitesnake one coming??

Zeppelin tour dates?

Simon Cowell isn’t quite so mean it seems…

Michael Cera is teaming with Edgar Wright for the Scott Pilgrim movie. Yippee!!!

Five years on in Iraq… The Huffington Post has some stats to ponder.

Cheney is warning against Iranian armament.

Hillary Clinton: Experienced? Hmm…

Sasha Frere-Jones is attempting to launch a new musical genre.

TV Squad interviews Lewis Black.

Leatherheads is having a hometown premiere.


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