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The Day in Politics

Posted in Links, Politics, Sam by Sam Unsted on March 25, 2008

Above is today’s Toles Cartoon from the Washington Post.

There is to be a small change in the way the links are done due to the considerable amount of political coverage and stories during the current election seasons in both the UK and US so I thought it best to separate the pop culture stuff from the political, well, stuff. This will also open this section up to more current affairs news and links and hopefully open up a new avenue on the site.

So John McCain is adamant that Iraq is going well.

Ariana Huffington comments on this news.

Hillary Clinton’s misspeaking is becoming an issue.

Gordon Brown is to allow a free vote for Labour MPs on the embryo research legislation.

It’s something religious leaders should keep their noses out of.

But electoral reform could be a key issue for Brown.

New York seemingly has no ability to vet its Governors.

Richard Cohen says that the reputation of the US is the true casualty of Iraq…

Barack Obama is going to have to lead the national conversation on race.

There is heavy fighting in Basra.

Ken Livingstone is to place the environment at the centre of his mayoral campaign.

Let’s finish with a Clinton video. Vote Barack kids…


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