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The Day in Politics

Posted in Links, Politics, Sam by Sam Unsted on March 31, 2008

David Cameron has backed Boris Johnson for the London Mayoral elections.

Wise perhaps, as Boris currently holds a ten-point lead.

Dave Hill says that the new Boris is indeed working.

The Huffington Post collects comments on John McCain’s biography tour.

Hillary’s little friend in Bosnia not too chuffed with her lies.

The NY Times says McCain is facing a challenge in snagging elite donors.

Barack’s lead over Hillary nationally is up to ten points. Is it time to go?

Bill Clinton thinks Democrats who think the party is being harmed should just ‘chill’.

Alphonso Jackson, the US Housing Secretary, has resigned from his post amid the slump in the housing market.

The argument is gaining weight as Barack gains more support from the party.

His moderate standpoint is being challenged though by his influence over liberal stance crafting he took part in.

Newsweek studies what kind of president McCain would make.

Fixing Bush’s mess. Slate examines what the new president will have to do.

The Democrats are at risk in Louisiana.


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  1. Dora Maria said, on October 23, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    Sabe que mijito Boris valla y peinese primero

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