Electricity & Lust


Posted in News, Sam by Sam Unsted on April 2, 2008

So after a few months of existence, I’ve decided to enact a few changes on the site. First of all, it should be noted that I am now in charge solely as Betty is running PopSugar UK and doing a flippin’ marvellous job of it too. Therefore, I’ve been doing all the linking and writing etc. on my own, a challenging task when ten hours of the day are unavailable and the London life is knackering me out. So, cutting nearer to the chase, Electricity and Lust will be narrowing its aims somewhat in an effort to make the site better at what it does. The real cut and dry of it is: Film site. Electricity and Lust is to join the film world more explicitly by posting links during the week relating to film news and commenting on particularly interesting developments. More reviews and features will also appear and eventually a weekly column. The eventual aims will also then include a podcast and maybe onwards and upwards from there.

So, that’s the basis of it at the moment. It’s important to say that the site will still be doing pop culture news but only on Saturdays. The Diggin post will be weekly on Sundays and a political news post will also go up on Saturday. Hopefully, this will still point you all in the right directions.

I hope very much that y’all will stay and enjoy the transition.




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