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The Diving Link and the Butterfly

Posted in Links, Movies, Sam by Sam Unsted on April 3, 2008

So the puns will remain in this new film format. But they’ll all be film-related now. For remainder of this week, it’s Oscar nominees of this year.

JoBlo has highlighted Shotgun Stories, a Cassavetes award nominee at the Independent Spirit Awards and produced by David Gordon Green. It looks marvellous.

It also has news on the latest project from William Monahan, Oscar-winning writer of The Departed.

Matthew McConaughey as Magnum PI?

Mad Men and 30 Rock have won Peabodys.

The creators of Smallville are leaving the show.

Carmen Maura is replacing Javier Bardem on Coppola’s Tetro.

Billy Crudup is going to play J Edgar Hoover in Michael Mann’s new one.

Brendan Fraser is joining the cast of GI Joe and The Rock may follow.

The Bad and Ugly has a first look at Paul Greengrass’ Green Zone.

Jared Leto looking big to play Mark Chapman in Chapter 27. Seriously.

IndieWire has a profile of Wong Kar-Wai.

The poster for Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? is just as annoying as I would imagine it would be.

Pineapple Express looks great.


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  1. derek said, on December 16, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    shotgun stories. best film of 2008.

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