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DVD Round Up

Posted in DVDs by Sam Unsted on April 7, 2008

Pick of the Week: Rescue Dawn – Terrific true-life POW adventure story starring a method Christian Bale and directed by the greatest of all eccentric geniuses, Werner Herzog. Manages to be a straight-ahead exciting adventure, blackly comic character study and uplifting humanist drama all at once. One of last year’s most underrated films.

Also Out:
Enchanted – Charming post-modernist Disney adventure with Amy Adams sparkling and James Marsden a square-jawed Prince Charming of the highest order.
The Darjeeling Limited – Decent Wes Anderson effort but below par by his standards. Performances are all great but a mixed tone and sense of thematic deja vu wear down a potentially marvellous film.
Mike Leigh Collection: Auterist oeuvre of one of Britain’s finest purveyors of the human spirit.
Hard Eight – Rerelease for Paul Thomas Anderson’s flawed but promising debut film.
Futurama; Bender’s Big Score – Pretty decent feature length effort from Futurama with enough quality gags to keep it from running out of steam.
Entourage Season 3 – Some people like this.

Region 1: There Will Be Blood – The Americans have a two-disc edition of this coming out on Tuesday. There don’t appear to be many extras for a double-disc but honestly, they could just put the film on there twice and I’d still buy it.


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