Electricity & Lust


Posted in diggin by Sam Unsted on April 12, 2008

Music: I’ve had two weeks to let REM’s Accelerate sink in and, my verdict; it’s better than Around The Sun and overall is on a par with New Adventures in Hi-Fi. I love Man Man’s Rabbit Habits which streamlines the Waits-ian clang of their previous work into a more accessible and ultimately more satisfying listen. One of the year’s best albums so far. Add to that list Holy Fuck’s LP which is arty and sexy, mostly instrumental work. I’m digging Alopecia by Why? and I’m somewhat obsessed with Sun Kil Moon’s April and also that band’s (essentially Mark Kozelek of Red House Painters) version of Modest Mouse’s ‘Ocean Breathes Salty’ from Tiny Cities.

Film/TV: I took in Sweeney Todd this week which was pretty good but it had too many songs and too much blood. I’m not squeamish at all (I wrote my dissertation on horror movies), but I just didn’t quite see a need for the brutal scenes. Still, it was entertaining and well played by the excellent cast, most notably Alan Rickman in a return to his purring best. I also watched Killer of Sheep, Charles Burnett’s slice-of-life verite masterpiece from 1977 which I pretty much adored. Last was Wet Hot American Summer, a film which has a shockingly awful title but was very amusing and reasonably heartwarming. It features a couple of great performances from David Hyde Pierce and Janeane Garofalo and a manic turn from Christopher Meloni (Oz, Law & Order: SVU). The Office is back and it was wonderful, this time highlighting the brilliance of Melora Hardin as Michael’s lover Jan. Gavin and Stacey finishes its second season this week and I can’t wait. The rest of the season has been ridiculously great, notably witnessing Bryn and Smithy working out together, topless.

Books/Magazines: I read Me and Orson Welles this week, a story of a young theatre hopeful who gets cast in an Orson Welles directed production of Julius Caesar in the 1940s. It’s being adapted into a movie and I really enjoyed the book, a hearty romp which gets straight into the plot and the interesting characters and never gets bogged down and loses pace. I’m currently almost finished on Things the Grandchildren Should Know, a brilliant autobiography from Mark Oliver Everett (E from Eels) which points the way to the reasons for the darkness in his work and constantly exhibits the sense of self-deprecating humour that makes his music such genius. My magazine reading has been a little light this week due to film watching and book reading.

Other: I’ve fallen for KCRW/IPR’s To The Point podcast with Warren Olney which is a nicely informative and thorough round-up of important political news. Otherwise folks, it’s been a quiet little week.


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