Electricity & Lust

Political Week

Posted in Links, Politics by Sam Unsted on April 13, 2008

Zimbabwe is holding a partial recount.

But whose fault is situation?

Maureen Dowd notes that while Clinton contests the Penn debacle, she also has to watch out for the troubles at home.

Bill Maher thinks they should get al-Sadr to answer questions on the state of Iraq.

Ariana Huffington is concerned over the Clinton-Colombia connection.

All of a sudden, Hillary’s turned Commando.

And is Barack sacrificing his philosophy to gain some votes.

He’s also made something of a faux-pas with the working man.

Truthdig sees the Petraeus comment as the final indication of a quagmire.

John Dickerson is more concerned however with Crocker.

Hank Paulson isn’t too bright and breezy on the economy.

Is Gordon Brown on his way out already?

New polling puts the Tories 16 points up.


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