Electricity & Lust

Pop Culture Week

Posted in Links, Pop Culture by Sam Unsted on April 20, 2008

The Measure for Measure blog on the art of songwriting continues with Darrell Brown.

The Guardian interviews the premium baller currently playing and maybe, just maybe, the new Michael Jordan, LeBron James.

Acid-house survivors relay their tales.

Andrew Kuo creates a chart to explain his enjoyment of The Boredoms.

Here’s an interview with Gervais.

The Boss came out for Barack this week.

Bob Forster donates a loving tribute to his songwriting soulmate, the late Grant McLennan.

Pitchfork highlights a few new indie hip hop records that almost escaped its radar.

Robert Greenwald portrays the attack being made on Iran by, who else, Fox News.

Colbert serenades Mrs Obama.

Metal fandom with John Darnielle.

Also from PopMatters the post-masterpiece malaise which impaced The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Sasha Frere-Jones shows the love for Portishead’s Third.

I also want to point you folks to Pitchfork TV which really is darn tootin’ good.


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