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Posted in Links, Politics by Sam Unsted on April 25, 2008

Politics links are coming back. It’s just too busy on the circuit to just do it once a week so it has to increase to at least three times per week.

McCain is engaging in a politics of fear.

It’s not politics, but this story needs constant highlighting. 50 Bullets.

Does McCain have the racist vote?

Obama’s courting of the white vote is crucial.

Clinton has one last shot at taking the nomination, according to John Dickerson.

Her hopes are likely to be in North Carolina.

McCain is trying to move away from the Bush presidency.

Ken Livingstone has edged ahead of Boris Johnson in the London polls. I’m supporting Ken, by the way.

Can Shakira save the ailing PM?

Zimbabwe’s troubles continue as Mugabe fully embraces the true practice of dictatorship and begins rounding up MDC members.

Finally, here’s a quote from an op-ed by David S Broder for The Washington Post. Full piece here.

“Yet, in pointing to those vulnerabilities in her rival, Clinton has heightened the most obvious liability she would carry into a fight against McCain. In an age of deep cynicism about politicians of both parties, McCain is the rare exception who is not assumed to be willing to sacrifice personal credibility to prevail in any contest.”


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