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Politics Weekend

Posted in Links, Politics by Sam Unsted on May 4, 2008

MUST READ – Let’s look at all the elephants in the room… including the white ones.

In that spirit, McCain has his own Rev. Wright in waiting. And he’s served time for Watergate.

There’s arguments to say though that McCain is a true conservative.

Seriously though, check the guy’s foreign policy.

How will the US accomplish success in Iraq.

Guantanamo and the destruction of the American reputation.

Obama versus Clinton. Bill, that is.

He’s edging closer to the official nomination now.

He’s using the personal touch in Indiana.

Keep in mind though the Wright scandal. Bill Maher described Wright eloquently on his season closer as a ‘prick’.

Shockingly though, even with this in the background, a policy debate has broken out in the Democratic race.

Loosely politics-focused but still fascinating, a look at human-trafficking in Moldova from The New Yorker.

Gordon’s getting jittery and the taxes are the first to benefit.

So Boris won… he’s really going to have to shed the buffoon image now, isn’t he?

David Cameron has very cheekily turned against him.

Indeed, his win could mark the beginning of Cameron’s final demise.

He must perform now though. There’s a nice note in this piece that Boris is ‘as unqualified for such a role as Livingstone was in 2000’. I’m not convinced but hell, I’ll give him a shot.


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