Electricity & Lust

Pop Weekend

Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on May 4, 2008

Jackie Clune comments on the Johnny Vegas incident.

Another day, another interview with Tina Fey.


Spike Lee is blogging for The Guardian from Babelgum.

Daisy Lowe and the rock ‘n’ roll IT girls.

Alex Turner may have dilemma on his hands as to which of his bands is better.

The Times recommends the ‘Asian Bjork’.

It also profiles some bands plying their trade away from the beaten track.

Neil Diamond returns.

So do The Roots, natural successors to Diamond’s crown?

As the economy falters, the art world is booming.

Richard Price discusses Lush Life and The Wire with The New Republic.

Sasha Frere-Jones is ga-ga for laser bass.

Also folks, try and keep up with Pedro Almodovar’s blog which is just great.

Salon, like everyone should, urges watching Ira Glass’ This American Life.

Slant has an interview with Errol Morris.


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