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Politic-ing for the Weekend

Posted in Links, Politics by Sam Unsted on May 11, 2008

John Dickerson comments on Hillary and the issue of race in this democratic election.

Hillary has certainly done a good job of dividing the party on race lines.

Well, at least, if she continues her current attacks, that’s what will happen.

But has she fallen too far? Could it soon be finally over?

By June 15? Done by then?

Michael Tackett still thinks her candidacy is a success.

Superdelegates are certainly siding with Obama.

Time explores the impact of his campaigning roots in Chicago.

He’s remaining cool under pressure.

But Wolfson says he’s neglecting West Virginians.

What about an Obama/Clinton ticket?

She could be a plotting vice to Obama’s President.

Reihan Salam thinks picking her would be a huge mistake.

Matthew Yglesias agrees and adds that many more better-suited candidates for the position exist.

Over this though, Michelle Obama has vetoed the idea.

Does America remain reluctant to address the issue of racism?

John McCain’s judge selections will please Bush voters.

Apparently, an African American running mate for the ol’ dog isn’t really needed.

The lack of interest in his fundamentalist connections is appalling.

But what about those older voters…

Frank Rich argues that we all need to keep in mind what the year is.

John Cusack comments on the spending of £3tn.

The military analyst scandal has all but died. Harry Shearer is dismayed that not even NPR is being held to account.

Well… we really don’t like Gordon right now.

Andrew Rawnsley comments on his fall.

Prescott says he advised firing the now-PM when Tony was around.

Inevitably, Cherie Blair has chipped in.

John Rentoul provides his thoughts on that issue.

Margaret Drabble comments on abortion laws in the UK.

Katie Paul discusses the murdering of journalists.

Issues in Beirut have massively escalated.

Robert Fisk reports on the problem and the desire within Lebanon to avoid further internal conflict.

The Washington Post investigates the issue of medical care for foreign detainees in US custody.


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