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Politics for the Weekend

Posted in Links, Politics by Sam Unsted on May 18, 2008

Gordon Brown is backing embryo research, calling it an ‘inherently moral endeavour’.

He’s also dropping hints of aid packages for Burma.

All this amid new rows in the lead up to bi-elections.

Cameron is taking some real strides forward against Brown.

Writing for The Times, Michael Portillo urges Cameron to stand back and just allow Gordon to self-destruct.

Could anyone really last amid this press storm though?

What exactly can the Tories offer us then?

The UK’s abortion debate is starting to reach boiling point.

Obama gave two great interviews this week; to Marty Peretz at The New Republic and to Jeffrey Goldberg at The Atlantic.

Republicans are now fearing an Obama nomination.

Senator George McGovern has switched to Obama.

He’s picking up endorsement and delegates at a decent clip now. Here’s one and here’s another. Apparently the endorsement of John Edwards doesn’t matter so much.

This all follows an emboldening win for Democrats in Mississippi.

As Democrats are reborn, the Republicans are wilting.

Do they really grasp the implications of their last defeat?

Here’s a nice curio, a call for an Obama-McCain ticket… This would likely upset Mitt Romney.

It’s all unlikely after Obama attacked McCain for his Hamas hypocrisy.

And on his doubling-down on failed Bush policies.

And let’s keep an eye on his economic policies.

And on his TV appearance choices.

Oh, and his foreign policies too.

He’s going to need to sprint to the middle to have any chance.

Hillary does seem far from done in this race.

She’s now attacking the media for calling her defeat.

Is it a misplaced sense of entitlement?

But the backroom staff for both candidates are reportedly in merger talks.

McCain and Al Qaeda. A serious problem.

John Kerry discusses the invention of comments by the GOP.

Tony Blankley discusses race in the election.

Finally, The New Republic has a nice piece about the selling of the war in Iraq by the Pentagon.


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