Electricity & Lust

Too Fast for Link

Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on May 19, 2008

The AV Club has a new Comics Panel.

Aziz Ansari, the manic big-eyed genius on Human Giant, is going to try and improve Scrubs.

The Butthole Surfers are reuniting.

Here’s an early review of Woody’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

Pitchfork about grasps my views on its star’s first attempt at laying down some tunes.

Joe Queenan thinks its time to pull the plug on Woody.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is joining Michael Cera on Scott Pilgrim.

Here’s the wonderful Bon Iver on Jools.

Here’s the trailer for Baz Luhrman’s Australia.

Henry Rollins at Edinburgh Festival. YEEEEEAAAHHH!

Lynch is seemingly forming a harem of singular directorial visionaries.

What is the greatest B-Movie of all time?

Islands drop in on Daytrotter.

PopMatters compiles a tribute to Donna Summer.


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