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Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on May 20, 2008

I think I’ll round off the Motley Crue ‘puns’ today. Tomorrow, we’re keeping it hair metal but I won’t reveal how hairy or metallic it will be until tomorrow.

OMFG!!!!! The Hold Steady are returning!

Their producer muses on this return right here.

Also, Mudhoney are reissued and ready for reappraisal.

Noel Murray moves into I and J in Popless.

Please come to the UK too Liz Phair, please.

Steve Buscemi and Michael Cera will try to out awkward/charm each other in Youth in Revolt.

Rosie Swash rounds up this week’s singles.

Sexiest veggie celeb??

The Believer interviews genius novelist/screenwriter Richard Price.

It’s also got the shortlist for its 2007 Believer Book Awards.

Variety has a review of Clint’s Angelina-starring Changeling.


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