Electricity & Lust

She’s My Cherry Link

Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on May 21, 2008

Warrant! Who digs Warrant out there?!

Lewis Black rants at The AV Club.

Interview with Tom Waits here. Please come to the UK oh gravelly prince of song.

He’s also joining the new Terry Gilliam movie to play The Devil.

A red-band for The Happening is doing the rounds.

Miranda July is finally working on a follow-up to Me and You and Everyone We Know.

Which David will win American Idol??

Is Mad Men misogynistic?

Christian Bale is going to do three Terminator movies…

John Updike. Fiction. New Yorker.

Jonah Hill is in negotiations for an updated version of 21 Jump Street.

AA Bondy drops by Daytrotter and gives a fine session.

Finally, an ASBO for rockin’ to The Boss! What is Britain coming too?


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