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Carry on Wayward Link

Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on May 27, 2008

I’m digging this site. Digestible film reviews that don’t skimp on detail. Good stuff.

The new Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy record is getting some love.

So is the new Spiritualized.

The new Hold Steady single will come with tattoos.

Sigur Ros have nude folk on their new sleeve cover and will sing a song in English.

Sidney Pollack died today. Say what you like about Tootsie (I still enjoy it), Three Days of the Condor is a classic and Yakuza is something of a gem.

Here’s one of many, many tributes online.

Boyzone trying to be sexy? No thanks.

This American Life, and other shows from the Showtime stable, are now online.

HBO is developing a US version of Bad Girls.

Who are the least intimidating gangs in movie history?

Submit your questions for Yuko Yamaguchi, designer of Hello Kitty.

The Russians aren’t too happy about Indy’s new adventure.

Tarantino is finally going to make Inglorious Bastards.

Ron Perlman has joined the cast of FX’s Sons of Anarchy.

Woolworths has scrapped CD singles sales.

Mountain Goats did a session for Daytrotter.

PopMatters interviews Times New Viking.


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