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Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on May 31, 2008

Slate has a host of articles about Sex and the City. There’s a review, a look at the fashion and a question as to whether it will change the fortunes of luxury retailers amid the current market climate.

Anthony Lane offers his thoughts on the film.

Chris Dahlen finally catches up with Blonde on Blonde.

The new Comics Panel went up yesterday. Includes the new Love and Rockets.

Interview with Jeffrey Tambor right here. The new Leslie Nielsen?

Pitchfork rounds up Sasquatch.

I’ve already got my tickets for this but all should know. Built to Spill are playing Perfect From Now On for the Don’t Look Back series in London in November.

Mogwai have released more details on their new EP and LP.

Mad Men is back on July 27.

Elizabeth Berkley officially in Donnie Darko 2. Is there a way this film can be good?

Here’s an update on what the cast members of The Wire are up to.

Estonian goth-pop stars. Read on.

Here’s an interview with the monobrowed genius that is Mark Eitzel.

Mudhoney rock. Just ask PopMatters.

A teaser for Zack and Miri has turned up.

You must download this Paul Rudd screensaver. You just must.

The trailer for Choke is also doing the rounds.


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  1. Beth said, on June 1, 2008 at 8:43 pm

    LOVED sex and the city… can i borrow your credit card sammy? xxx

  2. […] to mop up the week in links, books, comics, etc Electricity & Lust, everyone’s favorite (or at least mine) clearing house of links points out some really cool […]

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