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Politics Sunday

Posted in Links, Politics by Sam Unsted on June 1, 2008

Scott McLellan, the tell-all Bush staffer who this week launched a book telling all sorts of terrible things about the Bush administration, five years too late.


Internal documents claim Labour has failed the UK on crime.

Brown is being told to drop his Scots.

That could become a key issue.

Brown’s problems right now seem everywhere.


The DNC is closing its meetings on the delegates from Florida and Michigan with half votes for each (overall favours Obama). Democrats have quite rightly been contesting the whole deal.

Hillary’s reserving her right to protest.

Some Clinton supports still say they would vote for McCain if Obama gets the nomination… Matthew Yglesias discusses the flaws in this foolish plan.

I mean, let’s just consider his views on abortion and planned policies regarding the issue.

Should Hillary be considering her problems in Puerto Rico.

Then, there is a fair bit of anger on her treatment in this campaign.

Maybe it’s sexism that’s beaten Hillary, not Obama.

Lanny Davis still thinks there is an argument for her nomination.

Lincoln Mitchell writes in praise of her campaign.

Obama has quit Jeremiah Wright’s church.

What message does this send?

He’s been having a few problems over his comments on Iran.

But forget all that Republican attacking, who will his running mate be?

Jeff Goldberg interviews McCain in The Atlantic.

How bigger problem will McClellan be for him.

MoveOn is campaigning for him to drop Charlie Black, his chief adviser.

Obama says McCain should apologise over his surge comments.

Why is no one talking about the military budget.


David Cameron suggests what actions should be taken on the military junta in Myanmar preventing aid.

The Junta is defending its actions, claiming it issued warnings about the cyclone and is providing aid.

But aid workers still can’t reach the hard-hit delta.

The death of a senior Al Qaeda leader could be the writing on the wall for the group.

Robert Fisk though, isn’t so sure on that.

Lawrence Wright has an extensive piece on the internal troubles plaguing the organisation.


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