Electricity & Lust

Over the Link

Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on June 4, 2008

Joel McHale is interviewed on The AV Club.

Professional balloon twisters documentary. Yes please.

Jenna Fischer went on NPR’s Fresh Air yesterday.

Vladimir Nabokov’s ‘Natasha’ is the short story on The New Yorker to check out.

Big love for Spiritualized.

Dana Stevens discusses the new phase of John Cusack.

The Bo Diddley tributes are pouring in.

Guy Ritchie is going to revive the Sherlock Holmes character.

Matt Damon is signed on for Human Factor, an upcoming project of Clint Eastwood.

Jim White checks in with Daytrotter.

The new Bond book is flying off the shelves.

The Mystery Jets are a highlight for Rosie Swash among this week’s singles.

Best independent record ever?

Rogen’s got the green light for The Green Hornet.

Harp profiles The Whigs.


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