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Political Weekend (a day late, sorry)

Posted in Links, Politics by Sam Unsted on June 9, 2008


So Obama won last week, officially. Plus Hillary’s getting right behind him.

But what will it take for her people to really get behind Obama?

Maureen Dowd praises her acting skills.

Why did her campaign go wrong though?

For the Clinton clan, this is a pretty huge change for their lives to take.

Peggy Noonan thinks the American people dodged a bullet.

Here’s an interesting thought, could she be predicating a future run on a failure this year for Obama?

Frank Rich concentrates more on the enormous gap in political philosophy between Obama and McCain.

Jesse Jackson thinks Hillary’s a strong candidate for vice-president.

Obama’s received the endorsement of Kurt Beck, the leader of Germany’s Social Democrats Party. The move represents a key break from tradition of German politics.

Obama has much to do however, and little time to do it in.

Andrew Sullivan and Marc Ambinder consider an Obama presidency.

Alec Baldwin wants to concentrate on Al Franken who won a senate endorsement in Minnesota last week.

America has been blamed by Russia for the global financial crisis and Medvedev thinks his country could provide the solution.

Is Mike Huckabee is a life-saver?


The Guardian reports on the drug problems in UK prisons.

Caroline Spelman is moving quickly to justify paying her nanny with taxpayer’s money. Good luck on that one.

It’s already been followed by someone flying to a wedding on the expense account.

Gordon Brown’s had some good political news this week as the public are backing his 42-day detention proposals.

Matthew D’Ancona backs his calls.

Lord Falconer though is to lead the calls against Brown’s proposals.

He’s really not been doing enough for the armed forces.


There was a knife rampage in Tokyo leaving seven dead yesterday.

Many children from South Korea are going to school abroad accompanied by their mothers.

Ibrahim al-Jaafari has been kicked out of the Dawa party in Iraq.

Intimidation in Zimbabwe is getting worse.

Musharraf is having his power cut by the ruling powers in Pakistan.

More fighting in Somalia between Ethiopian-backed government forces and Israeli insurgents.

The World Health Organisation says the risk of a global heterosexual Aids crisis is finally over.

The battling in Beirut rages on, but America thinks it’s going fine, says Robert Fisk.


Anyone who knows me will tell you that this could be about me. The Science of Sarcasm.

Here is just yet another reason to love cheese.

New guidelines for nightclubs to deal with drug-related deaths.

Saul Steinburg writes an ode to red wine.

If nothing else, football teaches us to lose and to get over it.


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