Electricity & Lust

Link Your Daughter, To The Slaughter

Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on June 12, 2008

The AV Club pays tribute to Wet Hot American Summer.

The Apprentice got 10 million viewers for its finale.

The Hold Steady’s new record is on MySpace and, well, it flippin’ rocks.

Worst movie remakes ever? Ladykillers gets my vote.

Downey Jr is deservedly busy right now.

Here’s a list of the TV twosome with the strongest chemistry.

Judd Apatow has branched out to take Eric Bana and Jason Schwartzman under his comedy umbrella.

Paul Newman, one of my all-time top five actors, has cancer.

What’s on the Wayne-Coleen wedding playlist?

The BBC music archives have been thrown open following a deal with EMI.

Lil Wayne delivers again on his new set.

The Mogwai tracklisting is now available.

Also, details on the new Beck.

The Happening may well suck. But Zooey Deschanel can’t do any wrong for me.

The Wackness is apparently pretty good.

Here’s an interview with Adam Green, writer of the best song about Jessica Simpson ever.

Werner Herzog’s new documentary sound oh, so Herzogian.


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