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DVDs This Week

Posted in DVDs by Sam Unsted on June 16, 2008

Pick of the Week:

King of Kong – One of the best, or at least most entertaining documentaries of last year, this chronicle of the battle between the two best Donkey Kong players in the world, Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell, is a titanic struggle between good and evil. Mitchell comes out as a coniving and cowardly villain and Wiebe a lovable sad-sack and it’s their stark differences that create this Shakespearean battle. Well worth a watch even if you couldn’t care less about Donkey Kong.

Also Out:

Jumper – The pretty awful looking Doug Liman vehicle which I mentioned in the Region 1 picks briefly last week. It’s saved for me by Rachel Bilson being in it but from what I gather from reliable source Tom, this is just headache-inducing SFX foolishness.
Peep Show: Season 5 – Still probably the most consistently strong sitcom on British television behind The Mighty Boosh, this one proves further proof that Mitchell and Webb are great performers when someone else writes their material.
Californication: Season 1 – I’ve written about this a couple of times on the site and why not? It’s foul-mouthed, dirty fun but occasionally manages to side-step the limitations of its sex-comedy roots to provide some really sweet moments of pathos to go along with the ride.
Definitely Maybe – I’m yet to see this but a guy I work with who is a notorious misanthrope who said this was a very passable romantic comedy which translated means that this is some sort of rom-com genius.
WAZ: Extreme Sleeve Edition – I honestly couldn’t care much less about this terrible looking film but what the hell is an Extreme Sleeve?
Semi-Pro – Will Ferrell tries to be Ron Burgundy as a basketball player and Woody Harrelson sucks the life out of the comedy by acting like he’s in a serious, Ron Shelton-without-the-comedy sports movie. Half funny, half depressingly awful.
Mouth to Mouth – Another early Ellen Page curio in which she goes all GI Jane with the hair playing a young girl seduced by a cult. It look vaguely interesting.


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