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Political Weekend

Posted in Links, Politics by Sam Unsted on June 22, 2008


Our new key political enemy in the UK? The Grey Squirrel.

Gordon Brown is pleading for help from oil-rich nations on nuclear energy in the UK.

29% of secondary schools in the UK have sexual health clinics.

Labour is careering towards financial disaster.

Apparently we are also leading the world in arms sales.

MPs want money for second homes.

Brown’s plans for eco-housing are being attacked as just hot air.

The Anglican church is divided over the recent marriage of two gay priests and leading bishops will boycott the Lambeth conference

Could the intense criticism of Brown from the Conservatives backfire?

Stagflation in our economy will not be like it was in the 1970s.


Unicef say children have been targeted in the war in Haiti.

155 people have died in a typhoon in the Philippines. A ferry, carrying 700, has been hit by the disaster.

Brazil, and the mystery of the not-so-undiscovered tribe.

Violence in Zimbabwe continues and seems to have been meticulously planned.

The scandal of Chinese cancer villages, hidden and suppressed until the Olympics are over.

UN inspectors are to launch a nuclear probe in Syria.

Fascinating piece on an interrogation using no harsh tactics.


The Obama – McCain battle begins…

Obama attacks on flood infrastructure… And the likely political attacks the Republicans will launch… And he’s going after immunity given to telecoms companies… He says he’ll listen to City Halls.

Mike Bloomberg has defended Obama over the whisper-rumours that he is Muslim.

Obama is hoping to make the Republicans compete in its traditionally bankable states.

Ariana Huffington continues her rallying against McCain, saying he represents the second coming of Bob Dole.

McCain is catching up on money though.

The Washington Times’ hits Obama on terrorism.

Both wobbled this week: McCain on offshore drilling and Obama on campaign finance.

John Dickerson comments on the McCain campaign tactics.

Barack Obama as the feminist son of America.

McCain is being derailed by mistakes in his campaign.

The VP choices are very important. Why though?

A coruscating deconstruction of the Bush energy plan.

Hendrick Hertzberg comments on the campaign of Hillary.


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