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Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on June 24, 2008

I’ve been at My Bloody Valentine (I’ll report back post-haste) so sorry about the lack of post yesterday. In honour of my having to go and see The Rocker tomorrow, it’s time to revitalise the hair metal punnage.

Cinema’s great one-scene wonders.

David Morse. No, the great David Morse, talks through his film roles.

Gareth McLean asks a question I’d love to know the answer to, why is Top Gear so popular?

Pedro Almodovar says you can’t blame him for the alleged dearth of Spanish cinema in the UK.

Konami says compatability is the key when it comes to these musical video games.

All hail Exile in Guyville.

Pizza from a vending machine?

Graphic novels and Hollywood.

Gas prices are hitting the indie rockers too, you know…

Josh Brolin as Snake Plissken? I can dig it.

Keep up with Ricky Gervais’ movie blog here.

School of Rock 2 is looking likely.

New fiction from Alice Munro!

Here’s an interview with agit-punk genius Saul Williams.

PopMatters reviews Primavera.

The first ever song on NME Radio was Muse… only one way to go now I guess.

The new Massive Attack record is coming soon. Hands up if you’re ‘meh’.

Why do bands give themselves unprintable names?

Finally, a Soviet Winnie the Pooh, anyone?


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  1. […] post talks about the New Hold Steady (among other stuff), and they provide the usual great mix of links per usual. Many weeks they help me keep up on stuff in ten minutes instead of searching for hours. […]

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