Electricity & Lust

Rock You Like A Linkicane!!

Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on June 27, 2008

Dennis has been taken out of the Big Brother house for spitting. Ewww… no grace in that one.

Here’s a primer on Pixar, if there is anyone who is still a novice.

An an interview with Andrew Stanton.

The Girl Talk album is liked.

Air France’s new EP is loved.

Fans as band PR. A good idea, no?

Anthony Lane talks through Wanted and The Happening.

A sequel to 300

It’s Tarsem Singh versus Louis Leterrier.

The Emmy finalists have been announced.

Peter Travers has reviewed The Dark Knight.

Here’s an interview with the creator of Emily The Strange.

El Paso has given Tom Waits the key to the city.

Political cola. Surely the wave of the future.

Michel Gondry has picked his top twenty-five music videos of all-time.

Here are some highpoints in gay cinema.

Here’s an interview with Zack and Debbie Snyder.

The trailer for RocknRolla is doing the rounds.

Best robot love stories.

Finally, just as I had predicted, Wall-E is apparently a masterpiece. Check here, here and here.


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