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Political Weekend

Posted in Links, Politics by Sam Unsted on June 29, 2008


Racial discrimation in the police force rears its ugly head once more

Wendy Alexander, an ally of Brown, has quit.

The Guardian has a piece on Henley and the now dominant Tories in the area.

Donors are turning on Brown too.

Tony Benn puts in his support for David Davis.


So Obama and Clinton have publicly made friends this week.

McCain and Obama are courting Latin American voters.

Obama is planning to hit the road.

Jeff Greenfield discusses how Obama can lessen the impact of the Republicans.

Could he get the endorsement of Colin Powell? The ‘Obamacons’ pose a serious threat to McCain.

Problems too on McCain’s gas knowledge.

Conservatives are gaining confidence in McCain regarding the law.

Although he had to suffer through some heckling this week.

And has some problems coming from Newsweek over the coming week regarding taxes on a house in California.

The next president won’t be able to cure the economic crisis.

Dorothy Wickenden says that Obama needs give a little more clarity to voters.

Check Slate’s dictionary of Obamaisms.

Are Gitmo’s days numbered?


Mugabe is rushing to be sworn in.

A baby had his legs broken as punishment for his Father’s political ties.

Morgan Tsvangirai says the MDC would share power with Zanu-PF.

A number of Tories are defying the party by continuing holding shares in Zimbabwean companies.

This is must read – a piece on how the UK could stop Mugabe.

The Economist also has some ideas on how the situation could be dealt with.

Bush is finally getting off his ass and threatening sanctions.


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