Electricity & Lust

99 Problems But A Link Ain’t One

Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on July 1, 2008

Native American comic books for your delectation.

Here’s an interview with Liz Phair.

Jim DeRogatis relays his experience of seeing The Feelies.

Jay Reatard gets a storming review.

Here’s a taste test on Drank, the anti-energy drink.

Interview with Silver Jews’ David Berman here.

Jesus and Gandalf will star in the remake of The Prisoner.

A Christian record from Heidi Montag…

Bowie talks Bowie songs.

Alex Ross discusses the Chinese music boom.

Big love for Adele on PopMatters.

Could Gok Wan be the fashion answer to Clarkson?

Should Robin come into the Nolan-era Batman?

Eddie Murphy not only won’t do the new Beverly Hills Cop, he also will quit movies!!!

Post-Happening, Wahlberg talks up Departed seq/prequels.

Tati’s Trafic has reached DVD through Criterion.

The Guitar Hero: Aerosmith track-listing has turned up.

Zach de la Rocha is on his way back.


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