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Political Weekend

Posted in Links, Politics by Sam Unsted on July 6, 2008


Boris is coming under fire over Ray Lewis, his just-resigned deputy.

It’s really a key blow for him.

Hospital workers are being given stab-vests.

The government is asking supermarkets to stockpile food in case a petrol crisis causes a rush.

Senior CofE figures have met over the internal problems facing the organisation.

A 14-year old girl from Britain has won the junior title at Wimbledon.

Brown and King will decide how bad the UK economy gets.

Cameron needs to end his incoherence.


Obama has been rallying supporters in Missouri.

He wrote this week to clear up his position regarding FISA.

One of his surrogates, General Wesley Clark, is looking to put this week’s incident behind him but is not apologising.

Much is being written about Obama’s move towards the centre.

Frank Rich argues that neither candidate has the longing for change portrayed by Wall-E.

The Democrats are attacking the GOP on Medicare cuts.

Is a war room actually a room?

Bill Clinton could save his legacy is he moves quickly.

Excellent article about the covert operations being undertaken by the Bush administration in Iran.


Iraqis have driven out Al-Qaeda from the Northern region of the country.

An ancient tomb has been discovered in Peru.

Thabo Mbeki has finally got off his arse has is talking to Mugabe and MDC reps.

Shell is preparing to quit the country.


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