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DVDs This Week

Posted in DVDs by Sam Unsted on July 7, 2008

Pick of the Week

There Will Be Blood – Probably the best film released in this country this year, a total redefinition of film language and featuring a titanic performance, this is an unqualified masterpiece. It’s a brutal story and works on more meta levels that you’d care to recite, but perhaps still the most unsung praise must go to Jonny Greenwood’s crashing score, a dissonant swirl that fits the breadth and intensity of the movie. A genuine work of art.

Also out

The Bucket List – Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson do stuff before they die. Sounds and is crap.
The Accidental Husband – Yep. That bad.
The Gameplan – The Rock is always watchable and this looks like a decent effort for the kids.
Water Lilies – Not seen but apparently an effective coming of age story.
My Left Foot – Pretty excellent biography starring Daniel Day Lewis in his first Oscar winning turn.
Frontiers – Xavier Gens-helmed gorno rubbish.


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  1. cribbster said, on May 17, 2009 at 6:57 am

    I gotta say… I think “There Will Be Blood” is a helluva movie (a masterpiece even). But I don’t see how it redefined “film language.” If anything it hewed pretty close to classic film conventions.

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