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DVDs This Week

Posted in DVDs by Sam Unsted on July 21, 2008

Pick of the Week

The Orphanage – Slim pickings this week but this is certainly worth seeking out. A well told ghost story that I found to be a little bit lacklustre but still with enough about it to warrant a rental.

Also Out

10,000 BC – Roland Emmerich does mammoths? Um, no.
The Office: Season 3 – The strongest season thus far of the brilliant American version of the Office which manages to break your heart and bring you to tears of laughter within a single moment. Outstanding comedy television.
Gia – Angelina Jolie is stupendous in her breakthrough role as the drug-addicted model who lived fast and died young. Not a wonderful film overall but just incredible central performance means this is worth your time.
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane – Terrible, derivative, over-directed nonsense that will never, ever be worth anyone’s time.
Redacted – Yet to see this but apparently a pretty grim and brutal work that loses its way.
Drillbit Taylor – Strange, disjointed and only partially funny story of a bodyguard to a group of geeks.
Up The Yangtze – Apparently a wonderful, soulful Chinese documentary about the eponymous river.
Numb – Matthew Perry doing kind of acting. I may check it out.


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