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Link Round-Up

Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on July 22, 2008

(Above is a picture of Sunn O))) live from here)

Better, snappier title coming for the now Tuesday/Friday link round-ups. Any suggestions, comment away.

James Ransone, Ziggy from The Wire and now Person in Generation Kill, talks to PaperMag.

The Teen Menace. Seventeen films to scare the parents.

Tori Amos talks record-label independence.

Portishead’s Adrian Utley talks ear-splitting noise and the ordeal of drone gigs.

Seventy-five things a man should do before dying.

PopSugar UK attended T4 on the Beach and now may be leaving me either for McFly’s Harry or Skins-star Joe Dempsie.

Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss is profiled in NYMag.

Paul Westerberg embraces the online game.

Mercury Prize further smashes relevance by nominated Radiohead (again) and Robert Plant… a bastion of new, unheralded British music?

Ebert and Roeper will no longer have either Ebert or Roeper.

Fictional bands, as voted by Rolling Stone readers.

Here’s a comparison of the trailer for Watchmen and its comic-panel counterparts.

A fourth Scream movie?

Jamie Bamber is joining Law & Order.

Travel writers choose their favourite city films.

Are schools able to handle the complex issues which accompany the increasing youth of people coming out?

In praise of Generation Kill.

Full-album concerts. I’m all for em. More on this later in the week.

Jonathan Jones argues that 70s cinema has never been bettered. (Obviously missed The Goonies)

The Beeb is kicking serious ass with the iPlayer.

The Dark Materials trilogy could be left as a single entity if Christian protests continue.

How much money could drop from the asking price of a Banksy if he is unmasked?

The concept album returns. Did it ever really go away?

Financial illiteracy. An American problem?

Ebert discusses Werner Herzog and madness.

Stephen Hawking in Lego form.

Here’s ten wonderful tattoos, all with spelling mistakes.

3D TV is moving forward yet further.

These are all the comic book movies being created ready for shipment to you local cineplex.


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