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Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on July 25, 2008
(Picture from here)

Generation Kill writer Evan Wright has signed up to script Cocaine Cowboys.

The Dark Knight is doing some incredible business, now outgrossing the entire domestic run of Batman Begins.

Robot Chicken are going to a galaxy far, far away again.

Here’s an interview with the Luna Brothers.

Is The Devil’s Advocate a modern cult classic?

Footage from Tron 2 has been revealed at Comic-Con.

DiS talks to The Hold Steady, as all should be given the brilliance of their new record.

They also chat to Noah and the Whale, a charming upcoming group.

Aaron Eckhart talks to The Guardian.

Songs to slack to.

Not much love for the return of CSS. Time passed?

Neil Young is all about high-resolution sound.

How can print adapt to the digital age?

Most romantic gestures in movies, in list form.

Russell Brand is taking over the VMAs.

The second season of Mad Men is reviewed here.

Here’s a 1990 profile of Barack Obama from Vanity Fair.

Keitel joins Life on Mars.

A coffee table and a learning experience.

Is porn star Buck Angel a new feminist hero.

Robocop is officially coming back, with Aronofsky in the hot-seat.

Season 3 of Dexter is also being previewed at Comic-Con.

So is Alan Ball’s True Blood, the new HBO vampire deal.

Twitch has a review of Death Race with Jason Statham.

Tim Burton has found his Alice to venture into Wonderland.

Fiddy is pissed with Taco Bell.

Jim DeRogatis shows some praise for Canasta.


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