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DVDs This Week

Posted in DVDs by Sam Unsted on August 11, 2008

Pick of the Week

In Bruges – You can read my thoughts on this one here so I won’t say much more than this is a sterling, well-written and well-acted work.

Also out

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Fairly enjoyable series with excellent central performances, particularly from Lena Headey as the eponymous mother of mankind’s hope.
Son of Rambow – Really charming, very enjoyable coming-of-age tale about two young lads remaking First Blood.
REC – Effective if somewhat unfocused Spanish horror. Good lo-fi scares but just a couple of moments where it doesn’t quite work.
Gimme Shelter – The Maysles brothers’ outstanding Rolling Stones documentary giving us the definitive view of the end of the innocent 60s dream.
My Brother is an Only Child – Not seen but apparently a very decent little Italian film.
The Ruins – Not all that bad horror that I can’t really give a full-on synopsis of because that would give away the whole twist.
Zoo – The hugely controversial psuedo-documentary about bestiality. Equally loathed and loved by critics but I’ve not seen it.


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