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DVDs Last Week

Posted in DVDs by Sam Unsted on August 25, 2008

Pick of the Week:

Gossip Girl Season 1 – Perhaps the biggest surprise of the entire new season of shows, this has a terrible pilot but from there on in is the most ridiculous, silly, sassy, smart show on TV. It’s a beautifully rendered portrait of upper-class New York life which pokes fun in all the right places and, in Ed Westwick’s Chuck, has the most delicious semi-villain yet conceived for a teen-targeted show. The next season promises more sex, drugs and, well, more sex so I can’t flippin’ wait. As much fun as you can have with a new show right now.

Also out

Chuck Season 1 – Patchy and slightly uninspired tale of an accidental spy from the pen of The OC’s Josh Schwartz. Just never really kicked into an acceptable gear despite mostly decent cast. In fact, the key reason for its failing is Morgan, the sidekick to our eponymous hero, who is about as annoying as a human being can be.
Persepolis – Beautiful and charming little story and you can read my thoughts on it here.
Happy Go-Lucky – Mike Leigh’s new piece about a young lady with an unbreakably positive outlook on life. I will be watching it this week.
Never Back DownStep Up 2 The Streets with mixed martial arts. So bad, it’s awesome.
Stop-Loss – Misguided but valiant attempt at engaging with the psychology of modern warfare although it is packed with talented young males, not least the outstanding Joseph Gordon Levitt.
Love is the Devil – Intense portrait of Francis Bacon from Derek Jarman and starring Derek Jacobi. A fine, well-acted and well-balanced piece of work.
Pathology – Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes in some surgery horror thing. Haven’t seen and likely won’t.
Street Fight – A recounting of the battle between Cory Booker and Sharpe James to become the Mayor of Newark. An incredible, eviscerating study of dirty local politics with a bleakness to its conclusion which was eventually solved by life.
Lonesome Jim – Not seen but directed by the great Steve Buscemi and starring the soon-to-be-great Casey Affleck alongside the never-will-be-great-but-still-charming Liv Tyler.


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