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Posted in Links of the Week by Sam Unsted on June 12, 2011

In addition to the Reads of the Week feature on Saturdays, we’ll be adding a Links of the Week round-up on Sundays. These will likely vary in length but will probably, mostly, be longer than this debut one. First one cometh now.

  • If you have time, help the Guardian sift through the Palin email leak. Thus far, the most inflammatory finding appears to be Palin communicating with disgraced former-BP chief Tony Hayward about the oil giant resuming drilling operations in Alaska a year after it had been involved in another major spill, in Alaska. Mostly though, it’s just another valiant attempt to make absolutely sure that she won’t run for President in 2012.
  • Everyone and their mother has me excited about the new Fucked Up record, David Comes to Life. Pitchfork loves it, Drowned in Sound loves it, the Guardian loves it and The Quietus loves it.
  • New York has an interview with two detectives about the characters on The Killing. That series has veered into some tricky narrative waters and pulled some cliched tricks, but I’m confident it will end up being a memorable show for AMC. Mad Men and Breaking Bad are both astonishing (and I loved Rubicon) and it would be nice to add another one to its bow. The second season, when it can move out of the shadow of the original Danish series will be the crunch point. More on that series when it finishes in just over a week.
  • WTF with Marc Maron’s show with Brian Posehn was one for the canon. Posehn is a great comic actor with plenty of stories anyway, but he opens up to Maron in a compelling manner, ranging from his early days attempting to brand himself as ‘The Piranha’ to his current decision to quit weed and now attempt to shift away from being known as a so-called ‘weed comic’. Not quite as incredible to listen to as the Louis CK or Judd Apatow shows, but definitely one of Maron’s best.
  • Finally, if you even remotely remember Rainbow, this internal Christmas party video from the BBC in 1976 will both amuse you greatly and disturb you deeply…

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