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Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on October 14, 2008

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The Daily Link

Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on October 6, 2008

Sixteen amazing sports movie feats. Including Karate Kid. Awesome.

Interview: Greg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) on his sample-crazy mix stuff.

Kevin Bacon is producing a John Wilkes Booth series for Showtime.

Polaroids by Warhol. I suppose, by default, these are cooler than your polaroids.

$30m for Beverly Hills Chihuahua… here’s a review.

The top ten Wired.com photos.

Polyamory is moving mainstream.

Thirty nude scenes never to forget.

Who has the best moustache of the year?

Here’s a preview of Sunshine Cleaning, starring Amy Adams and Emily Blunt.

Oasis were beaten out for the number one spot by Pink.

The Cottage’s Paul Andrew Williams may direct 28 Months Later.

Jupiter. From Earth. Cool.

Listening to Creedence is good.

Interview: Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Link Round Up

Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on August 16, 2008

It’s been a while so this could end up being epic.

Craig Robinson, Darryl on The Office, has been arrested and charged with possession of a shedload of drugs including meth and ecstacy.

Check out Jezebel’s ‘Pot Psychology’ this week, it’s deeply strange and funny.

Samm Levine has been cast in Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards.

Here’s a Q&A with Shane Meadows, director of Somers Town and my film of last year, This Is England.

What’s the point in literary agents?

Here’s a primer on the career and works of Woody Allen. (Start with Annie Hall and Manhattan and work around)

Sonatine enters the New Cult Canon.

Here’s a list of thirty actor-directors.

The Wackness is dosing folks with nostalgia for early-90s hip hop.

Why do beach volleyball players keep patting each other on the arse?

Jackson Browne is suing John McCain.

Predictions on the future for China.

Iron Man’s deleted scene with Ghostface Killah.

Twilight is moving into the space left open by Harry Potter.

Here’s the trailer for 90210, the one with the old cast members.

Here’s fiction from Joshua Ferris, writer of the pretty-decent Then We Came To The End.

Flobots are bringing politically-conscious hip hop back to the charts, according to PopMatters.

Jerry Wexler has died at the age of 91.

Michael Phelps has won yet another bloody medal. Seven! Seven gold medals!! Wow.

Here’s what he listens to before jumping into the pond.

Rebecca Adlington has won her second for Blighty so massive well done to her.

The Riff has had a little listen to the new Verve.

‘Good Morning, Captain’, the piece de resistance of Slint, has been turned into a children’s book…

America is killing another overseas TV series, this time Australia’s Kath & Kim.

Check out Michael Hammett’s White Denim covers.

A conversation between Werner Herzog and Philippe Petit, the tightrope artist.

AC/DC in ‘fancy dress’ return for Reading.

Vote in the Drowned in Sound Pluto Prize, the alternative to the Mercury Music Prize.

The top 5 accordion rock songs.

Here’s an interview with mad genius Guy Maddin.

Here’s one with not-mad but still-genius Art Spiegelman.

Best ever music producers?

The ten fastest guitarists are…

Finally, the Criterion edition of Bottle Rocket has been announced and I can’t wait.

Hot Links

Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on July 25, 2008
(Picture from here)

Generation Kill writer Evan Wright has signed up to script Cocaine Cowboys.

The Dark Knight is doing some incredible business, now outgrossing the entire domestic run of Batman Begins.

Robot Chicken are going to a galaxy far, far away again.

Here’s an interview with the Luna Brothers.

Is The Devil’s Advocate a modern cult classic?

Footage from Tron 2 has been revealed at Comic-Con.

DiS talks to The Hold Steady, as all should be given the brilliance of their new record.

They also chat to Noah and the Whale, a charming upcoming group.

Aaron Eckhart talks to The Guardian.

Songs to slack to.

Not much love for the return of CSS. Time passed?

Neil Young is all about high-resolution sound.

How can print adapt to the digital age?

Most romantic gestures in movies, in list form.

Russell Brand is taking over the VMAs.

The second season of Mad Men is reviewed here.

Here’s a 1990 profile of Barack Obama from Vanity Fair.

Keitel joins Life on Mars.

A coffee table and a learning experience.

Is porn star Buck Angel a new feminist hero.

Robocop is officially coming back, with Aronofsky in the hot-seat.

Season 3 of Dexter is also being previewed at Comic-Con.

So is Alan Ball’s True Blood, the new HBO vampire deal.

Twitch has a review of Death Race with Jason Statham.

Tim Burton has found his Alice to venture into Wonderland.

Fiddy is pissed with Taco Bell.

Jim DeRogatis shows some praise for Canasta.

Link Round-Up

Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on July 22, 2008

(Above is a picture of Sunn O))) live from here)

Better, snappier title coming for the now Tuesday/Friday link round-ups. Any suggestions, comment away.

James Ransone, Ziggy from The Wire and now Person in Generation Kill, talks to PaperMag.

The Teen Menace. Seventeen films to scare the parents.

Tori Amos talks record-label independence.

Portishead’s Adrian Utley talks ear-splitting noise and the ordeal of drone gigs.

Seventy-five things a man should do before dying.

PopSugar UK attended T4 on the Beach and now may be leaving me either for McFly’s Harry or Skins-star Joe Dempsie.

Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss is profiled in NYMag.

Paul Westerberg embraces the online game.

Mercury Prize further smashes relevance by nominated Radiohead (again) and Robert Plant… a bastion of new, unheralded British music?

Ebert and Roeper will no longer have either Ebert or Roeper.

Fictional bands, as voted by Rolling Stone readers.

Here’s a comparison of the trailer for Watchmen and its comic-panel counterparts.

A fourth Scream movie?

Jamie Bamber is joining Law & Order.

Travel writers choose their favourite city films.

Are schools able to handle the complex issues which accompany the increasing youth of people coming out?

In praise of Generation Kill.

Full-album concerts. I’m all for em. More on this later in the week.

Jonathan Jones argues that 70s cinema has never been bettered. (Obviously missed The Goonies)

The Beeb is kicking serious ass with the iPlayer.

The Dark Materials trilogy could be left as a single entity if Christian protests continue.

How much money could drop from the asking price of a Banksy if he is unmasked?

The concept album returns. Did it ever really go away?

Financial illiteracy. An American problem?

Ebert discusses Werner Herzog and madness.

Stephen Hawking in Lego form.

Here’s ten wonderful tattoos, all with spelling mistakes.

3D TV is moving forward yet further.

These are all the comic book movies being created ready for shipment to you local cineplex.

Political Weekend

Posted in Links, Politics by Sam Unsted on July 6, 2008


Boris is coming under fire over Ray Lewis, his just-resigned deputy.

It’s really a key blow for him.

Hospital workers are being given stab-vests.

The government is asking supermarkets to stockpile food in case a petrol crisis causes a rush.

Senior CofE figures have met over the internal problems facing the organisation.

A 14-year old girl from Britain has won the junior title at Wimbledon.

Brown and King will decide how bad the UK economy gets.

Cameron needs to end his incoherence.


Obama has been rallying supporters in Missouri.

He wrote this week to clear up his position regarding FISA.

One of his surrogates, General Wesley Clark, is looking to put this week’s incident behind him but is not apologising.


Link Off Your Shoulder

Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on July 4, 2008

Reasonable reaction for The Wackness.

One week only on Pitchfork.tv, Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville redux.

July 4th movies. Happy Independence Day, folks!

Here’s a cut scene from There Will Be Blood.

Apparently Noel likes Jay-Z now.

The Day The Earth Stood Still teaser is around.

Dig this keyboard.

The hottest gear for the summer, from Wired.

Billy Corgan designs guitar for Fender.

Ebert discusses movies that give healing and redemption.

TC Boyle donates some new fiction.

Here’s some more songs for the summer.

Worst boyband ever?

Katy Perry defeats Jonas Brothers in chart war.

Spinner delves into the crap stack.

Tension, dissonance and pop. Of Montreal’s new record is coming soon.

Vanity Fair on the beach and with the stars of tomorrow.

Big Linkin’

Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on July 3, 2008

Wild Things… a cult camp classic?

Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters finally gets a lavish DVD release.

Catch up with your grime and dubstep.

Barack bumper stickers available in all states.

Sherlock Holmes with Baron Cohen and Ferrell? How many mysteries will get solved?

Win a walk-on role in Mad Men.

Jezebel: Having a gay husband is kind of queer.

The Muppets wish everyone a happy Independence Day.

David Fincher is to make a CGI version of The Goon.

JoBlo interviews Wackness-director Jonathan Levine.

Here’s an interview with Alex Soropian from Wideload Games.

Here’s EW’s 25 music classics of the past twenty-five years.

Val Kilmer and Xzibit to be in Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant.

The Fly as opera. No Goldblum unfortunately.

Everybody loves Dolly Parton.

Ian Curtis’ gravestone has gone missing.

Another negative book about Harvey Weinstein is apparently on the way.

Minus The Bear in session for Daytrotter here.

Lily will leave if her second album doesn’t live up to the hype.

Rock Band 2 in September.

Girlgroup killed in Photoshop accident…

Bryan McFadden is big in Australia.

Here’s a live review of The Hold Steady.

99 Problems But A Link Ain’t One

Posted in Links by Sam Unsted on July 1, 2008

Native American comic books for your delectation.

Here’s an interview with Liz Phair.

Jim DeRogatis relays his experience of seeing The Feelies.

Jay Reatard gets a storming review.

Here’s a taste test on Drank, the anti-energy drink.

Interview with Silver Jews’ David Berman here.

Jesus and Gandalf will star in the remake of The Prisoner.

A Christian record from Heidi Montag…

Bowie talks Bowie songs.

Alex Ross discusses the Chinese music boom.

Big love for Adele on PopMatters.

Could Gok Wan be the fashion answer to Clarkson?

Should Robin come into the Nolan-era Batman?

Eddie Murphy not only won’t do the new Beverly Hills Cop, he also will quit movies!!!

Post-Happening, Wahlberg talks up Departed seq/prequels.

Tati’s Trafic has reached DVD through Criterion.

The Guitar Hero: Aerosmith track-listing has turned up.

Zach de la Rocha is on his way back.

Political Weekend

Posted in Links, Politics by Sam Unsted on June 29, 2008


Racial discrimation in the police force rears its ugly head once more

Wendy Alexander, an ally of Brown, has quit.

The Guardian has a piece on Henley and the now dominant Tories in the area.

Donors are turning on Brown too.

Tony Benn puts in his support for David Davis.


So Obama and Clinton have publicly made friends this week.

McCain and Obama are courting Latin American voters.

Obama is planning to hit the road.

Jeff Greenfield discusses how Obama can lessen the impact of the Republicans.

Could he get the endorsement of Colin Powell? The ‘Obamacons’ pose a serious threat to McCain.